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0-5 Lesson Plan: Better Done in Teamwork

The following is a 30-minute lesson plan covering the benefits of teamwork and unity and why many things are better when done in harmony with others.

ReadGetting Things Done Together.”

Brainstorm other games or sports that work better when done in teamwork. Discuss how the game or sport might not be as fun or successful if you try to play alone.

ReadBuilding as a Team.”

List other work or events that require people working together to make it successful. (For example, an orchestra, a dance/performance troupe, a sports team, etc.)

WatchAs a Team.”

Read Character ABC: U Is for Unity.”

Look up1 Corinthians 12:20–24,” and then talk about how odd it would be if different parts of the body didn’t work well together. Imagine with your child how difficult it would be for the body to do some of the things one easily does if the different parts of the body didn’t work well together.

Color Coloring Page: Character ABC: U Is for Unity.”

Additional material:

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0–5 Lesson Plan: Two Are Better Than One

Note to parent or teacher: Here’s a 20-minute lesson plan on the benefits of teamwork (working well with others).

Watch children’s music video, “As a Team.

Look up Ecclesiastes 4:9–10.

Read or listen to “The Badger and the Honey Guide.” Children can color “Coloring Page: The Badger and the Honey Guide.

Ask your children if they can think of things that they may not be able to do on their own, but could do with the help of someone. Provide some examples from your own life or examples from history of people helping each other in order to achieve something great (e.g., Noah had help from his sons in building the Ark, the Wright brothers worked together in building one of the first airplanes, etc.).

Read or listen to “Kids World: Many Trunks Make Light Work.” Children can color “Coloring Pages: Many Trunks Make Light Work.

Brainstorm things that are present in your children’s lives that could be done better if teamwork was used.

Additional resources:
•    Video: “Understanding the Importance of Team Work: Ants Building a Farm Over a Two-Week Period

If you have other suggestions of supplemental material, or additional activities for teaching this topic, please share your ideas and tips by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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DOC: 0–5 Lesson Plan: Two Are Better Than One (Spanish)
DOC: 0–5 Lesson Plan: Two Are Better Than One (Portuguese)


“Video: The Sinking Canoe” Supplement (Teamwork-2c)

Video: The Sinking Canoe” highlights the following learning objective: “Recognize whether a chore, a challenge, or an assignment calls for help from an outside source, and learn how to ask for help.”

Discuss the following with your child:

  • Why is it better to sacrifice pride to save yourself or another from disaster or going the wrong direction in life, than it is to save your or another's pride?
  • Discuss a time when you needed help, whether with a personal problem or a physical challenge, but didn't ask for it.
  • Why didn't you ask for help?
  • How do you think that situation could have worked out better if you had asked for help?
  • Think of a time when you saw a friend doing something detrimental or dangerous, and you needed to warn him or her.
  • What could have happened if you hadn't warned your friend?

S&S link: Character Building: Social Skills: Teamwork-2c


DOC: Suplemento del «Video: La canoa hundida» (Trabajo en equipo-2c)
DOC: Suplemento do “Vídeo: A Canoa Afundada” (Trabalho em equipe-2c)


“The Purple Hat!” Supplement (Teamwork-2a)

Together with your child, try retelling the story of “The Purple Hat” where the four counselors make an effort to work together to solve the problem in a humble and considerate manner, rather than arguing.

S&S link: Character Building: Social Skills: Teamwork-2a


DOC: El sombrero morado. Suplemento (Spanish)
DOC: Suplemento de “O Chapéu Púrpura” (Trabalho em equipe-2a)