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Level 1 & 2 “Character Building Scope and Sequence” Text Files 


Level 1 & 2 “Christian Life and Faith Scope and Sequence” Text Files 


Introduction to “Christian Life and Faith Scope and Sequence” and “Character Building Scope and Sequence”

What Is a Scope and Sequence?

A “scope and sequence” is generally defined as the content overview of a curriculum or course. The “scope” articulates the learning objectives—the information or skills that are to be taught on a given subject, and the “sequence” is the order in which you teach the information. A “learning objective” is commonly defined as “any fact, technique or other outcome that a student is expected to learn or achieve at the end of a specific course of instruction.”

Objectives greatly assist the planning process for teachers. The foundation for well-planned teaching is, unquestionably, clearly stated objectives. … In terms of the teaching role, objectives provide the opportunity for teachers to formulate and, it is hoped, act upon, clear statements about what students are intended to learn through instruction.

(Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum, RoutledgeFalmer 2004, Colin J. Marsh)

Our Aim

Our aim in creating these two scope and sequences presented on this site is to provide parents, teachers, and Christian educators with a comprehensive outline, articulating what a child should learn regarding Christian life and faith and character-building concepts from the ages of 6 through to 12. Material posted to Levels 1 and 2 of My Wonder Studio is based off of and linked to learning objectives within these scope and sequences. (At the end of any article/post on My Wonder Studio, you will find “S&S,” which links you to the learning objective that the article/post targets.)

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