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Christian Life and Faith Scope and Sequence - with links
Friday, June 2, 2023
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With Article Titles and Links

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Compiled May 2023


This “Christian Life and Faith Scope and Sequence” includes a listing of corresponding articles, audios, videos, and activities found on My Wonder Studio for Level 1 and Level 2 audiences. Level 1 targets readers ages 6–8, Level 2 targets those ages 9–12. Resources from the Parents & Teachers section are aids that can be used to further utilize content from the website (e.g., supplemental material, lesson plans, etc.). (For a topical listing of content for 0–5, see “My Wonder Studio 0-5 Topical Index.”)

All titles on this list are included first by level and then alphabetically. Some content has several components (e.g., coloring pages, audios, etc.), and these related components are grouped together in the list. Titles followed with “audio” simply contain the audio and corresponding lyrics. Titles that include “with audio” have both article and accompanying audio.

This scope and sequence can be used as a guide to create studies for devotional readings, Sunday school classes, or to help your child grasp foundational Christian principles. The number of articles corresponding with each scope and sequence entry varies, and in some cases, there is a significant amount, and you may want to select titles that would appeal to your children or best correlate with the focus of study.

Throughout My Wonder Studio, there are a number of series (Bible series, stories, quizzes, etc.). Not all issues of a series are necessarily found under the same scope and sequence entry, as an article or post from a specific series may not correspond with that specific scope and sequence entry. You can often find other articles in that series by following the attached tag relating to the series. For a complete list of Level 1 and Level 2 series and the titles within those series, please see “Bible, Character-Building, and Devotional Stories, Audios, and Series on My Wonder Studio.”

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