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A Prayer of Gratitude: Food Producers and Handlers
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

“Look to the interests of others” (Philippians 2:4, paraphrased).

“The Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase” (Psalm 85:12 ESV).

Stop to think of the foods you like to eat. Now imagine the food and its ingredients and the people involved in getting that food to you: farmers, ranchers, fishermen, truckers, sailors, longshoremen, etc.

Manifest your gratitude:

Prayer for gratitude: Dear Jesus, it’s easy for me to take for granted the food I eat while not remembering how it’s the result of others’ efforts. So please remind me that the food I’m able to eat is provided to me by a variety of people’s diligent work.

Prayer of gratitude: Jesus, thank You for the people who work hard to provide food for people all over the world. I ask that You provide well for them and their families, too. Please keep them safe while they do their important work. (If you know someone who is a food producer or handler, you can add a personal line to this prayer for them.)

Authored by Anney Nichols. Illustrated by Didier Martin. Designed by Roy Evans.
Published on My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2022 by The Family International
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