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“The Cookie Conspiracy” Supplement (Loyalty-2b)

The story “The Cookie Conspiracy” highlights the following learning objective, “Understand that before one gives loyalty to a person or idea, one should evaluate whether the person or idea is worthy of one’s support.”(CB: Loyalty-2b)

Discuss the following question with your child to help him/her understand the value of this learning objective.

  • In the closing sentence of the story, the conclusion the children reached was "Our conscience must decree whether to enact a conspiracy." Have you ever faced a situation where your loyalty to a friend was tested in this way? What did you do?

S&S link: Character Building: Social Skills: Loyalty-2b


DOC: Suplemento de “A Conspiração dos Biscoitos” (Lealdade-2b)
DOC: “The Cookie Conspiracy” Supplement (Loyalty-2b)(Spanish)