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Level 2 Lesson Plan: The City of Jericho

Note to the parent or teacher: Here is a 30-minute lesson plan to fill out the class “Cities of the Bible: The City of Jericho,” that covers the lesson objective, “Learn the major stories of the Old Testament.” (Christian Life and Faith: Bible Knowledge: General Bible Knowledge-1d)

ReadCities of the Bible: The City of Jericho.”

Joshua 2 and Joshua 6:1–5.

Ask the children what examples of faith-filled courage they see in these two passages. (For example, Rahab’s courage to hide the spies; later Rahab’s courage to hang the red rope in her window; the priests marching around Jericho with the trumpets.)

Luke 19:1–10 and “October Hero of the Month: Zacchaeus.”

Explore with the children why people considered Zacchaeus to be a sinner.

  • You could have them imagine that an invading foreign government was ruling the country where you live and expecting people to pay taxes to the invading country.
  • Explain that Zacchaeus was collecting taxes for a foreign government, Rome, that had invaded their land, and how he likely also overcharged people in order to enrich himself.
  • Now have the children reflect on how surprising it would be for those citizens to see Jesus going to dinner with such a person.
  • Finally, have the children consider how they would feel if they were Zacchaeus and had been shown such love. Read verse 8 again to see what Zacchaeus promised to do to make amends.

Listen to “An Audio Bible Adventure: A New Leader and His Undercover Agents.”

Read Hebrews 11:30–31 and ask the children to explain in their own words why Rahab was included in this chapter as a woman of faith.

Read Matthew 1:5–6.

Talk about what these two Bible characters from Jericho (Rahab and Zacchaeus) had in common. (Both were likely looked down on by others for their sins; both received mercy for themselves and their families; both put love into action.)

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