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Easter Supplement (Jesus, God’s Son-2a)

This supplement provides additional material for the following learning objective: “Learn of the historical backings to the life of Jesus, His death on the cross, and His resurrection.” (Jesus, God’s Son-2a)

  • Read the Easter story from Matthew 28:1–20, and/or “The Story of Easter” (available on Level 1 of My Wonder Studio on April 20th).
  • Listen and/or dance to “He Is Risen,” The Bible Album, and/or “He Lives,” Walk, Talk, Sing.
  • Have each person in your family pick one event from the story of Easter to illustrate (you can use “Be the Artist: He’s Alive” for drawing assistance—available on Level 1 of My Wonder Studio on April 20th), and then combine these pictures to make your very own illustrated Easter storyboard. Put this in a place for others to see.
  • Look up the verses Luke 19:10 and Romans 5:6–11, then discuss why Jesus had to die. List these reasons on a whiteboard or have your children write them out in their notebooks under the heading, “Why Jesus made the greatest sacrifice.” You can also read “The Little Red Hen” (available on Level 1 of My Wonder Studio on April 13th) for a story on this topic.
  • “The Story of Easter, Coloring Pages” and “The Story of Easter, Activity Pages” (available on Level 1 of My Wonder Studio on April 20th)
  • Watch the Easter story from a movie or animation of Jesus’ life. (For example., Miracle Maker or “He Is Risen,” Animated Stories from the New Testament)
  • The Robe also makes for an inspiring Easter-themed movie.

S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: Jesus, God’s Son-2a


DOC: Suplemento de Semana Santa (Jesús, el Hijo de Dios-2a)
DOC: Suplemento de Páscoa (Jesus, Filho de Deus-2a)