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Crazily Cool Card Set: Unity

S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: Brotherhood and Unity-2b

All verses are from the American King James Version.
Illustrations by
Mike T.K., Zeb, and Didier Martin. Design by Christia Copeland.
Copyright © 2013 by The Family International


PDF: Crazily Cool Card Set: Unity
PDF: Crazily Cool Card Set: Unity (Spanish)
PDF: Crazily Cool Card Set: Unity (Portuguese)
PDF: Crazily Cool Card Set: Unity (Japanese)


The Kingdom of Vog

Sir Gallant the Knight was returning to the City of Philos, but he had lost his way and had wandered into the Kingdom of Vog. Stopping by a wayside tavern, he alighted to ask for directions, but he could not find anyone who knew how to get to the City of Philos. Those he met told him that he had entered the Kingdom of Vog and should return quickly from whence he had come, for strangers were not welcome in this land.

While inquiring at the tavern, Sir Gallant had noticed the peculiar behavior of these people. The customers who filled the tavern complained continually and loudly to the others of their lot and how their neighbors had more than they did. The sound of bickering filled every corner of the room. Sir Gallant observed the owner of the tavern serving a man a tankard of cider and overheard the unhappy customer complain that the mug was not large enough.

“What do you want?—A bucket? If you want more cider, give me more money,” the owner of the tavern yelled as he waved his hand in front of the man’s face.

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