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Tired of Being Bored?

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Contributed by Nia Russell. Illustrations by DK. Design by Stefan Merour.
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PDF: Tired of Being Bored?


A Doctor’s Prescription for “Boreditis” and “Lethargitis”

Dear Doc,

Do you think that maybe my parents and teachers should do more to keep me entertained? Sometimes when I tell my parents that I have nothing to do, they’ll suggest something that’s not super exciting, like playing with my younger siblings, or reading a book, or learning how to do something new—all things I don’t find very entertaining.

My parents and teachers say that I need to be more motivated, but what does that have to do with me being bored? I wish my life was more exciting and that I could do the kind of interesting activities I see others get to do. I’m older now, so I should get to do cool things, but it seems all that’s happening is more chores and lots and lots of school. My dad told me that I need to take more responsibility because I'm older, but “responsibility” seems to mean more work and is definitely not very fun.

My older brother is someone I want to be like, because he seems happy and inspired all the time. How can I be like him?



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