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The Cookie Conspiracy

The plan was formed on a dark, stormy night. The room was lit with the dim light of a single bedside lamp, around which sat the three conspirators.

“You all know the situation,” said Tom, the oldest and tallest. He pointed a long wooden ruler toward the door. “At 9pm, cookies were baked in the kitchen. At 9:30, they were gathered into a container and secured in the pantry.”

He stared at his comrades in arms as thunder boomed out from beyond the curtains. “Tonight we shall liberate them.”

John, the smallest of the group, nodded his agreement. “If we don’t act now, we may never see them again.”

John and Tom then turned to Sara, the final component needed for their plan to succeed.

Sara didn’t answer right away. Although she had smelled the same cookies, and watched sadly with the others as they had been carefully put away, she was not so sure about the plan.

Oh, she didn’t mind the cookie-eating part. That was the best part—the part that nearly made it all seem worth it. Everything else was the problem.

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