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Kidnapping in Greendale

A Five Squad Adventure


“I thought you were going to be catching all your own food on this trip,” Karen said to Kento and Earl.

“Well, we haven’t had time to go fishing yet,” said Kento.

“Mmm-mmm,” Earl mumbled through a mouthful of food.     

The Five Squad members were sitting around a campfire, munching sandwiches that Karen had prepared while the boys had been setting up the tents. It was the evening of the first day of spring break, and Christopher, Susan, Kento, Earl, and Karen, accompanied by Earl’s uncle Williams—a park ranger—were camped out under a group of trees in the middle of Pine Ridge Forest, an hour’s drive from their hometown of Sheldon.

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The Mystery of the Gold Coins, Part 2

A Five Squad Adventure

The story so far: Five Squad—Christopher, Susan, Earl, Kento, and their newest addition, Karen—had spent the day with Mr. Colin, an old man who had been a missionary in his younger years. Mr. Colin had given Five Squad a box with twenty ancient coins. The five returned the next day to visit Mr. Colin, but found an empty house. A neighbor told them that Mr. Colin had died in the night. Sadly they returned to their clubhouse, the Lodge.

When giving the coins to the kids, Mr. Colin described them as “very old and very valuable”; however, when they went to have them evaluated, the brusque owner of Coin World told them they were worthless. The five set off back to their homes; they hadn’t noticed the figure following them. But Susan felt something wasn’t right…

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The Mystery of the Gold Coins, Part 1

A Five Squad Adventure

“Where are you going?” Karen asked as she joined her four friends walking down the street.

“To see Mr. Colin,” Christopher answered. He, along with Susan, was twelve years old and the eldest of the group of friends.

Karen quickened her step to keep up with the others.

“Mr. Colin Hedgcome? Everybody says he’s, you know…,” she said, tapping her head. “A bit barmy. He sees things that aren’t really there; stuff like that.”

“You don’t know him like we do, though,” said Earl. “He’s all right.”

(Earl, being eight years old, was the youngest of the five friends.)

“Yes, he’s our friend,” said Christopher. “It’s unkind to talk like that about him, when you don’t know him.”

“Sorry. I’m just telling you what people say,” said Karen.

Karen, age eleven, had recently returned to Sheldon. Two years prior, her parents had moved to a city nearby because of her father’s work. With Sheldon growing and changing, however, her father was transferred back to Sheldon.

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