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Audio: Fortifying Fables: Wally the Whale

On priorities

"Thar she blows!" The cry rang out from a passing ship's crow's nest.

"Dive, Wally! This is no time to be showing off your breaching and spouting. That's not a passenger ship."

Wally the whale, who had been enjoying his childlike cavorting and ocean acrobatics, grumblingly joined the rest of his "school" mates in the pod2 who were on a hunt for food.

"Sorry, Mother," he said.

"And ye'd better lie low and hold yer breath for awhile," said his father as a harpoon shot through the water from a rowboat overhead. "Unless ye want to end up as soap 'n' candles, 'n' bone fer a fancy woman's corset afore yer time. In fact, it'd be wise for us to all to lie low."

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Audio: Fortifying Fables: Boris the Bear

(Based on an old African fable)

On considering the source of your criticism and praise

"That wasn't too bad," young Boris, a big, black Russian bear said to himself, as he swayed on his hind paws in front of the large mirror. "I'll try it again."

He pressed a button on the MP3 player and strains from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite resumed. Clumsily lifting a hind paw, Boris attempted a turn and fell, rolling on his back. He stood up and after a few further attempts, managed the initial steps required to dance a waltz.

"Excellent," he muttered. "I think I am ready to show what I can do for Garibaldi, my wise little monkey friend. His rehearsal with the organ grinder should be over by now."

With a smug grin, Boris lumbered out of the tent, carrying his MP3 player.

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