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Notice: Level 2 Lesson Plan: The City of Dothan

Level 2 Lesson Plan: The City of Dothan” is a new lesson plan posted in the parents and teachers section. This 30- to 45-minute lesson plan is to fill out the class “Cities of the Bible: The City of Dothan,” that covers the lesson objective, “Learn the major stories of the Old Testament.” (Christian Life and Faith: Bible Knowledge: General Bible Knowledge-1d)


DOCX: Notice: Level 2 Lesson Plan: The City of Dothan (Spanish)
DOCX: Notice: Level 2 Lesson Plan: The City of Dothan (Portuguese)


A Thought for the Day: Shelter of Protection

S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: Spiritual Insight and Awareness: Angels and Departed Saints-1f

Authored by Jackie Owens. Illustrations by Esther Martin. Design by Stefan Merour.
Copyright © 2016 by The Family International


PDF: A Thought for the Day: Shelter of Protection


Frisky’s Adventure: A Five Squad Adventure

It was a cold, wintry day in Sheldon. All week long, gales had brought a deep chill to the air. The Christmas season’s fun and the winter snows had given way to wetter and windier days, leaving the children of Sheldon impatient for spring’s arrival.

Up in Kento’s bedroom, he and Earl worked on a fleet of paper airplane models that Kento had downloaded. In spite of their absorbing project, Kento sighed. Little had happened in the week since the Squad had last met in the Lodge. 

“I’ve finished another one!” Earl announced, triumphantly holding up the glued aircraft.

“And the glue is nearly dry on this one, too,” said Kento. “How many have we finished now?”


“Earl!” Kento’s mother called from down the stairs. ”Your father just called. He’s coming by in five minutes to pick you up for dinner. And, Kento, we’re eating in ten minutes, so you might want to start cleaning up.”

“Looks as though that’s all I’ll be doing for today,” said Earl.

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Max and the Plan to Catch a Guardian Angel

The December sky was a beautiful blue as Maximilian Talley walked up the driveway to his house. The air was brisk, the sun was shining, and winter vacation was just around the corner! Life was good.

He carried his school pack over his right shoulder and held a bag of empty juice cans in his left hand. He grasped the door handle and pulled the door open a few inches. Max whirled around and his eyes narrowed as he looked up and down the road in front of his house. No one was there. Nothing moved but the tips of the trees and the shadows they cast on the road.

Missed him again, thought Max, and he opened his front door—all the way this time—and disappeared inside.

Once inside, Max tiptoed quietly up the stairs and paused in front of his bedroom door.

Maybe, just maybe, if he wasn’t trailing behind me, then he could be in my room—behind the curtains or in the closet, hiding.

He carefully laid down his school pack and his bag of empty juice cans, then took a deep breath.

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