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Notice: Level 1 Lesson Plan: The Importance of Truthfulness

The Importance of Truthfulness,” a lesson plan for Level 1, is now posted in the Parents and Teachers section. It is a 20-minute lesson plan on the following lesson objectives: “Learn the importance of truthfulness and what it means to practice it,” and “learn that making mistakes is a part of growth and development, and that being honest when one makes mistakes encourages learning and growth.” (Character Building: Values and Virtues: Truthfulness-1ab)


DOC: Notice: Level 1 Lesson Plan: The Importance of Truthfulness (Spanish)
DOC: Notice: Level 1 Lesson Plan: The Importance of Truthfulness (Portuguese)


The Truth of the Purple Walls

 "King Bloggish would like for you to paint one of his guest rooms purple," explained Toshgi the Meek to the three palace painters—Misang, Oskorn, and Bershag.

"But, how?!" the painters asked.

"Paint is only white," added Bershag. “We’ve never had purple paint.”

Toshgi answered, "Because of the great love all in Nog have for the color purple, the kind and generous King Bloggish would like to make purple paint available to everyone, so that not only our clothes, but our houses and carts can be purple as well."

"A marvelous new idea!" exclaimed Misang.

"I would love to have purple walls in my house," said Oskorn. "But how do we make purple paint?"

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