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25 Christmas Devotional Snacks for Children
Monday, November 26, 2012

Devotional prompters for the 25 days of Christmas

Note: Content geared toward older children is marked with an asterisk. “New content” links will be live on the posting date. See also “Level 1 Lesson Plan: Shine for Jesus”  (posted November 21, 2012) and “Level 1 Lesson Plan: Gifts for Jesus” (posted December 6, 2012) for ideas on how to share God’s love with others this Christmas season.

Day 1

Story: Jesus Is Born

Activity: My Christmas Events (color) or Coloring Pages: My Christmas Events (black/white)

*Story: The Intriguing Story of the First Christmas, Part 1

Day 2

Article/audio: Light up the World at Christmas

Activity: My Christmas Giving Wheel

*Story: The Intriguing Story of the First Christmas, Part 2

Day 3

Story/audio: As Little Ones

Activity: Coloring Book: As Little Ones

*Story: The Intriguing Story of the First Christmas, Part 3

Day 4

Article: What Christmas Is All About

Article: Christmas Angels

Video: Kids Like You: Kayla

Day 5

Story: The Best Christmas Ever

Activity: Christmas Paper Stocking

Activity: Nativity Finger Puppets

Day 6

Article: Gifts for Jesus

Activity: “Gifts for Jesus” Supplement

Activity: Christmas Ornaments and Characters (color) or Christmas Card Frames (black/white)

Day 7

Story/audio: Carina and the Christmas Play

Activity: The Mammoth Christmas Crossword (Answer Key: The Mammoth Christmas Crossword)

Day 8

Video: Video: I’ll Shine (audio also available)

*Story (for older children): Max’s Christmas Trouble (read days 1 through 25)

Day 9

Story: The Christmas Kite

Activity: Create a Christmas Card with “Be the Artist: Jesus Is Born”

Day 10

Story: Piles of Presents for Jesus

*Story (for older children): Roshna’s Gift to Give

Day 11

Story: Mr. Orwell’s Christmas Tale

Activity: Coloring Pages: Mr. Orwell’s Christmas Tale

*Article (for older children): Great Opportunities

Day 12

Song: Jesus Is Born

Activity: A Christmas-Activity Calendar for Family and Friends

*Story (for older children): An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Day 13

Story: The Angel and the Gifts

Article: Prayer Potential

Activity: Can You Crack Our Christmas Code? Answer key found here.

Day 14

Song: Make Haste

Article: Such Love

Activity: Coloring Page: Such Love!

Day 15

Article: Tell Others

Article: Gifts that Make Me Glad

Video: Run with Torches

Day 16

Article: The Gift that Never Wears Out (tract included)

Video: Who Is Immanuel

*Story: Max and the Plan to Catch a Guardian Angel [new content; posted on December 14, 2012]

Day 17

Story/audio: A Donkey’s Tale

Activity: Coloring Page: A Child Is Born

Video: The Christmas Story

Day 18

Video: Video: Jesus Is Born

Activity: Coloring Book: Jesus Is Born

Activity: Flannelgraph: Jesus Is Born

Day 19

Article: Christmas Superheroes [new content; posted on December 17, 2012]

Article: A Key to Christmas Joy

*Video: Christmas in a Nutshell

Day 20

Song: Hasten Now, O Shepherds [new content; posted on December 19, 2012]

Article/audio: Christmas Thoughts [new content; posted on December 19, 2012]

Learn and sing traditional Christmas carols as a family.

Day 21

Article/audio: What Christmas Means to Me [new content; posted on December 19, 2012]

Article: The Gift of Moments [new content; posted on December 14, 2012]

Video: Around the World Different Cultures Tell the Nativity Story as Their Own

Day 22

Article: The Visit of the Magi

Activity: Coloring Page: The Visit of the Magi

*Video: 100 of the Most Unique Nativity Scenes on Display in Rome

Day 23

Story: Jimmy’s Christmas Homecoming

Article: The Secret to Showing Love

*Story: A Night in Midwinter [new content; posted on December 21, 2012]

Day 24

Story/audio: The Tailor’s Secret [new content; posted on December 21, 2012]

Video: The Origin of the Christmas Tree

Activity: Build a Nativity Scene or Decorate a Christmas Tree

*Article: Angels in the Christmas Story

Day 25

Article: I Can Use You! [new content; posted on December 24, 2012.]

Article/audio: What Can I Give to Jesus

Activity: Saying Merry Christmas Around the World

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