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“Billy and Friends” Story Audios Now Available

My Wonder Studio is happy to announce that audios are now available for all four “Billy and Friends” stories. They can be found at the following links:

TFI members can download the dramas here.



Where You Can Find My Wonder Studio’s Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

Welcome to My Wonder Studio, a place where we present Christian life and faith and character-building principles through captivating texts and audio and visual presentations.

There are three sections in My Wonder Studio with content created for children, as represented by some of the tabs at the top of our site: 0–5, Level 1, Level 2. And two sections—Parents and Teachers and Scope and Sequence—with content directed at parents, teachers, and Christian educators. In this post we’ll present an overview of the sections and the concept behind them.

  • 0–5 contains simple Christian and character-building materials for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Level 1 targets beginner concepts on Christian life and faith and character building.
  • Level 2 focuses on intermediate concepts on Christian life and faith and character building.
  • Parents and Teachers is where you can find posts with ideas on how to use the content on My WonderStudio with your children.
  • Scope and Sequence provides parents and teachers with a list of learning objectives for topics under Christian life and faith and character-building principles.

We have refrained from strictly designating Levels 1 and 2 with a set age bracket, as each child is unique, and will be at different levels of learning and growth. For example, while a child may be advanced when it comes to knowledge of Christian life and faith concepts, he or she may need to focus on learning various character-building principles, and therefore would benefit from Level 1 (beginner concepts) as well as Level 2 (intermediate concepts), albeit in different topics. You should also feel free to advance your child up a level if you feel that your child is able to grasp a more advanced explanation of a topic, or that your child is generally at the next level of understanding and maturity.

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