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“Calculating Challenges” Supplement (Learning and Study Skills-1d)

The story “Calculating Challenges” highlights the following learning objective, “Learn to try new things that one doesn’t yet feel capable of doing.” (Learning and Study Skills-1d)

Pick one or two of the following discussion questions or activities to help your child understand the value of this learning objective.

  • Is there a subject or skill you have difficulty learning, or wish you didn't need to study?
  • Can you think of any  historical characters who did great things as a result of learning and mastering challenging subjects, situations, or skills? (Research it if you don’t know of any off hand)

 S&S link: Character Building: Social Skills: Learning and Study Skills-1d


DOC: Suplemento de «Desafíos de cálculo» (Aprendizaje y aptitudes para el estudio-1d)
DOC: Suplemento de “Desafios de Cálculo” (Habilidades de Aprendizado e Estudo-1d)
DOC: "Calculating Challenges" Supplement (Japanese)