Notice: Level 2 Lesson Plan: Why Forgive?
Friday, May 17, 2019 at 4:00AM
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Level 2 Lesson Plan, Why Forgive?” posted in the Parents and Teachers section, is a lesson plan that can be covered in approximately 40 minutes, and highlights the following lesson objectives: “Be able to identify the benefits of forgiveness to both the forgiver and the one forgiven, and how the person who forgives is the one who benefits the most; learn of the detrimental effects on one’s life when forgiveness is not practiced, and how when practiced, it is an important step in overcoming resentment or bitterness.” (Character Building: Social Skills: Forgiveness-2a)


DOCX: Notice: Level 2 Lesson Plan: Why Forgive? (Spanish)
DOCX: Notice: Level 2 Lesson Plan: Why Forgive? (Portuguese)

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