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Audio: Jesus and Ice Cream 

Jesus and Ice Cream

Jesus, I like to associate You with something fun or special—maybe like a special treat my parents give me when I’ve completed a schoolbook—like ice cream, for example. First of all, it makes me really happy to eat ice cream, just like it makes me happy to be with You.

Ice cream is cool and refreshing on a hot day, just like You cool and calm my spirit if I get angry or am in a bad mood.

Ice cream is very yummy, and time with You and reading Your Word is satisfying like that.

Ice cream has many different flavors and colors, just like You are full of variety, and that keeps You interesting. If we only had vanilla ice cream every time, that could get boring, but there are many, many flavors and types to choose from—sometimes it’s hard to decide which flavor to pick. That’s just like You, Jesus. There’s so much variety about You, and that makes life exciting and makes me look forward to the next time I can spend with You.

S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: A Personal Connection with Jesus: Jesus, Your Best Friend-1b

Author unknown. Read by Carlin Gilligan.
Illustration by Didier Martin. Design by Christia Copeland.

Copyright © 2012 by The Family International

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