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Audio: Me and You 

Verse 1:
It’s our time together; let’s go on a ride—
A ride with the sun, wind, and water;
A ride on our boat with the sail and the tide;
A ride on this beautiful day.

We pull up our anchor,
And sail brightly forward,
Sailing on through the water so blue.
It’s blue like the sky!

I made it all for your eyes,
To show you how much I love you.

It’s the ocean and you,
And you know I’m here too,
To laugh in the sun’s rays,
And steer through the storm.
When the waves rise so high,
When things make you cry,
Just hold My hand, I’ll see you through.
When it’s just Me and you.
When it’s just Me and you.

Verse 2:
You notice the waves have started rising;
You wish that they wouldn’t, you ask Me why
The sky’s no longer blue, do I still love you?
And why won’t the storm go away?
I love you in the calm;
I love you in the storm.
My love won’t change like the weather.
So hang on don’t hide,
This is part of the ride.
I’m so happy we’re sailing together.

Chorus (repeat x3):
When it’s just Me and you.
When it’s just Me and you.

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“Me and You” music and lyrics by Dia. Rose Studio Production.
Copyright © 2010 by The Family International


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