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Namba's Rock

Every evening seven-year-old Namba sat on a rock overlooking the great plain. To Namba’s right was jungle and before him and to his left stretched an open plain, as far as the eye could see.

He loved watching the wild animals far below. Today he watched a herd of elephants grazing. There was a young calf playing with its mother’s trunk. Namba could see the elephants’ ears flapping like giant fans, cooling themselves as they slowly and majestically moved along.

Namba’s favorite part of the evening was when the sun set. An unexplainable excitement would grow in him as he watched the big golden sun sink beneath the horizon and the sky change into glorious colors.

That evening there were no clouds. The whole sky was filled with a beautiful golden glow as the sun seemed to hang from an invisible string in the center. It was a perfect ball of brilliant light. As the sun slipped past the horizon it looked like the earth was swallowing it up.

No matter how many times Namba had come to watch the sunset, it was always special to him. When he saw the wonderful colors in the sky and listened to the hush that fell over the plain at this time of day, he always felt a great love for God. It seemed like even the animals stopped their daytime chatter to pay their respects to the great Creator, God.

As Namba sat quietly, he often felt like he could hear the Creator’s voice speaking to him. Namba breathed the refreshing evening air deep into his lungs. He felt a sudden urge to talk to the great Creator.

As the last bit of the golden sun disappeared below the horizon, and the sky began to turn pink and purple, Namba looked out over the plain and asked, “God, are You there? Who are You?”

To his great surprise, a voice replied as quiet as a breath of wind. It said, “Yes, I am here. I am the great Creator of the universe. I created the sun, the moon, and the stars, as well as all of the plants and animals, and I created you. I love and care for you! I watch over you and protect you. And whenever you will stop and listen, I enjoy speaking to you.”

Namba’s heart pounded with excitement. He could hardly believe that the great Creator had spoken to him. Namba smiled. He felt so loved. “Thank You, dear God, for all the gifts You give me. Thank You for the sun, and the moon, and the stars.”

Namba looked up at the first few stars that were twinkling high above him now that the sun was gone.

“Thank You for the great plain, and thank You for the jungle. Thank You for the animals, and thank You for the cool breeze. And thank You for making me!”

He stood up and stretched his legs. He had been in the same position for over an hour, but it seemed as though the wonderful time had passed in just a few minutes.

Before Namba turned to go home, he took one last look out over the plain and whispered to God, “Thank You also for this rock where I can sit and watch Your creation while I talk with You. I’ll be back tomorrow!”

And with that, Namba ran home to join his family for supper.

The End

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Author unknown. Illustrations by Sabine Rich.
Copyright © 2010 by The Family International


PDF: Namba's Rock (Japanese)
DOC: La roca de Namba