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Write a Psalm
Viernes, Julio 2, 2010

Resting_in_the_Lord_Exercises_part_1_04_final_resized.jpgIn your own words and from your heart, write a psalm of praise and love to Jesus. Tell Him how you feel about Him. Tell Him what He means to you. Let Him know what you love about Him, and why you strive to follow His Word. You could even start your own book of psalms that you add to during some of your times with Jesus. These psalms can be long or short. What matters is that they are your personal words of praise to and love for Jesus.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel eloquent enough. The words that come from your heart are what is most important to Him!


Contributed by R. A. Watterson, based on the writings of Maria Fontaine. Illustrations by Mawiee.
Copyright © 2010 by The Family International

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