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Level 1 Lesson Plan: Exploring God’s Greatest Commandments, Part 4 (of 5)
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Note to parent or teacher: This 45- to 60-minute lesson plan is the fourth part of a five-part series of lesson plans that highlight the various aspects of the lesson objective “God’s Law of Love” (Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: God’s Law of Love-1a–h).

ReadLove, the Greatest Commandment, Part 6: Help One Another, Don’t Hurt Others.”

ReadThe Life of Friends: Admirable Strengths” for more on the importance of not putting others in danger.

ReadTales of Farm Friends: Star: Spirited but Gentle.”

ReadHow God Blessed Joseph.

Talk about how even though God made good out of the difficulties Joseph faced, it was very wrong of his brothers to sell him into slavery.

ReadStanding on God’s Word: Lifting Others Up.” Explain how saying unkind words, though they may not put someone in danger, can still hurt the other person’s feelings.

ReadThe Life of Friends: Respect Wins.”

ReadTurning Mistakes into Something Good” for other examples of God making something good out of something that is wrong, including the hurt of unkind words.

ReadBible Adventures with Joe Key: The Old Man and the Sailing Vessel” and the full story of Noah and the ark in Genesis 6-8.

Talk about how God is very concerned about the state of the world He’s given us to live in, and He wants us to care for it and each other. In the days of Noah, people had become very bad and were doing things that hurt themselves and others, but the Flood gave the world a new beginning. God asked Noah and his family to help by preserving the various species of animals.

Additional reading:


ReadLove, the Greatest Commandment, Part 7: Faithfully Care for One Another.”

Discuss the importance of your family unit and each person doing their best to be helpful and care for each other.

ReadA Lovely Nest.”

ReadThe Life of Friends: Guarding Friendship.”

Discuss how at times there will be misunderstandings in families and amongst friends, but it’s important to guard our relationships and do our best to overcome misunderstandings. Talk about how we need each other.

ReadStanding on God’s Will: Don’t Argue, Have Fun.”

ReadStanding on God’s Word: Considering Others.”

ReadCelebrating Birthdays” and “Standing on God’s Word: Happy Birthday.”

Discuss how birthdays are a good opportunity to keep family and friendship relationships strong by showing one another appreciation.

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