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Level 2 Lesson Plan: The Lost Sheep
Friday, August 7, 2020

Note to the parent or teacher: Here is a 30-minute lesson plan to fill out the post “The Parables of Jesus: The Lost Sheep.” It goes with the lesson objectives “Study more of the parables that Jesus taught and their meaning” (Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: Jesus, God’s Son-2b) and “Learn that everyone needs Jesus, and the importance of giving the good news to those from all walks of life” (Christian Life and Faith: Witnessing and Missionary Training: Preaching the Gospel-2i).

ReadThe Parables of Jesus: The Lost Sheep.” (You can also read this parable in Luke 15:1–7 and Matthew 18:10–14.)

Explain how in Israel in Jesus’ day it was common to see shepherds with a flock of sheep, so even if those He was talking to didn’t have sheep themselves, they likely knew others who did. In His teachings, Jesus often used examples that the people were familiar with.

Recall together a time for each present when they were either lost or, if not lost, a time when they were being very careful to stay close to others so as not to get lost. As a parent or teacher, you could also relate such an experience. Then follow this up with the following reflections.

•    Consider what it might feel like to be lost.
•    Next express the feelings you would experience at being found.

Discuss together how it feels to find something you’ve lost that you value. Perhaps the children have worried over a pet that has been lost, or the children could talk about how they might feel if this were to happen. As a parent, you could possibly relate a personal story to the children of a time when you might have worried about where they (or someone else in your care) were, and then explain the great relief you had when finding them.

Relate this story to how Jesus loves each person in the world very dearly, and how He feels unimaginable joy when a person who has wandered away from Him is found and brought back into His flock where He can guide them in their lives and care for them.

ReadA Thought for the Day: Beautiful Feet” and “Seven Ways to Share God’s Love” and watch “Video: A Day in the Life of St. Francis,” while keeping in mind what we can each do as our part to help find the lost sheep.

Review the verses in “Crazily Cool Cards Set: Sharing God’s Love.” (If the children haven’t done so already, you might want to print out the page for them to cut out the cards to color and save them for future review.)

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