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Level 2 Lesson Plan: Rise Above Obstacles
Friday, March 9, 2012

Note to parent or teacher: Here’s a 30- to 40-minute lesson plan on getting over obstacles. It highlights the following lesson objective: “Learn that through God’s help one can overcome obstacles and difficulties, and find peace and triumph despite setbacks.” (Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: Overcoming Obstacles-2b)

Listen to “Audio: Here.

Recall times in your lives (both you and your child can take part in this) that were difficult, but how you were able to overcome through Jesus’ presence and power and through your personal connection with Jesus.

Read What’s Your Focus?” If you’d like to, take a few moments to hear from Jesus on the question listed on page 3 of this article. (“Dear Jesus, is there any situation or circumstance in my life where I can focus on Your light more, instead of being negative or fearful?”)

ReadJoy Equals Strength.”

ReadMiracle Fuel.” After reading, highlight the power God’s Word has in helping us to rise above difficulties in our lives.

Tell your child of a time when something happened that caused you to feel discouraged or disappointed, and what you did, or what someone else said to you, that helped you find peace and not give up or lose hope.

Print out, cut and color “Crazily Cool Card Set: Want Some Power?” Have the child choose one verse from this set to memorize today.

Read or listen to “A Prayer for Me.”

ReadFacing the Lion.”

Ask your child if there are things that are difficult for him at present, and brainstorm ways that he can overcome those obstacles.

Claiming one of the verses from the “Crazily Cool Card Set: Want Some Power?” pray for faith in getting victories over obstacles you are currently facing.

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