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Level 2 Lesson Plan: Fitness and Me
Friday, September 23, 2016

Here is a 30- to 40-minute lesson plan that highlights the following lesson objective:

WatchGet Your Body Moving!

WatchPhysical Activity and Kids Let’s Move It!

Talk about the three important physical benefits of caring for our bodies that were brought up in this video: These are physical, mental, and social. Ask your child if they can think of any more. Also ask your child what physical activity or fitness means to them personally.

ReadA Thought for the Day: Your Body a Temple!

ReadTemple Care.”

Discuss the spiritual principle of how God created us and how one way we can show Him our gratitude for our body is by taking good care of it. Discuss the different ways the children can do this. Also talk about how everyone inevitably falls ill at times, but if the children have done their part to care for their bodies, then they can put their trust in Jesus (including working with doctors when needed) to help them feel better.

ReadThe Hygiene Experiment.”

Talk about how hygiene is a big part of staying healthy. Not only should we remain physically fit, but we should wash up daily, brush teeth at least twice a day (and floss), faithfully wash our hands often throughout the day, etc. Discuss the aspects of hygiene you know your child needs to hear about, and talk about what an experiment like this would mean for them. What would happen if they didn’t keep their body and surroundings clean?

End with committing to doing one thing that will better your child’s health, whether it is something that will help them be more physically fit or keep themselves clean.

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