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Level 2 Lesson Plan: Creation, Part 5
Friday, December 31, 2021

Note to the parent or teacher: This is the fifth and final part in the series “Creation,” a series of lesson plans to encourage the children’s appreciation for the beautiful world God has created and placed us in. This 20- to 30-minute lesson plan is to supplement the final article of “The Creation of the World” series, “God Rested.”

This highlights the lesson objectives:

Read Genesis 1:31.

ReadThe Creation of the World: God Rested.”

Imagine God looking at the world and saying, “It is good” while He rejoiced in the beauty of His creation! Have the children remember a time when they relaxed after they had accomplished something they were happy about. Now take a moment to imagine God resting in the amazing and beautiful accomplishment of His creation!

ReadHow Great Thou Art.” While reading, pause for a few seconds after reading a section of verses (or at times after reading an individual verse) to meditate briefly upon the verse(s) and God’s majesty.

Sing along withO, Praise the Lord.”

Color the “Coloring Page: The Creation of the World: God Rested,” or cut out and assemble3D Picture: The Creation of the World: God Rested.”

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