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Level 1 Lesson Plan: Miracles of Protection
Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 30- to 40-minute lesson plan that highlights the learning objective: “Learn of the Bible characters who displayed great courage in the face of fear or seemingly insurmountable odds.” (Character Building: Values and Virtues: Courage-1b)

Study the following Bible stories about God’s miraculous protection:

ReadA Strategy Like None Other.”

Talk about times when God intervened with His protection in the children’s lives. Include asking the children if they know of any such times in their lives when what looked like a disappointing setback was God’s way of protecting them. For example, a flat tire that delays a planned trip by thirty minutes meant your parents heard a warning about a blizzard you would have been caught in if you had been on the road.

ReadPsalm 91.” You can also listen to the audio of Psalm 91.

Choose a promise to memorize from “Crazily Cool Card Set: Fear Not,” “Crazily Cool Card Set: Overcoming Difficulties,” or “Crazily Cool Card Set: An Active Force Field.” Print and color the card of your choice.

Pray one of the “Pray a Way: Courage” prayers.

Assemble and display one or more of the 3D pictures of the above stories of “Miracles in the Bible.”

Additional reading:

If you have other suggestions of supplemental material, or additional activities in teaching this topic, please share your ideas and tips by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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