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Level 1 Lesson Plan: Forgiving Others
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 30-minute lesson plan on the following lesson objectives: “Understand that Jesus has forgiven all sins and mistakes, and therefore it is our duty to forgive others; read and memorize Bible verses that highlight this principle,” and “Be able to identify steps to take that will help one to practice forgiveness.” (Character Building: Social Skills: Forgiveness-1a,b

ReadThe Lord’s Prayer.” See page 6, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” (Matthew 6:12 KJV), then ask the children what the two children on this page forgave each other for. (Answer: The sister apologized for getting upset, which showed her brother she was no longer upset at him for messing up her room. And the brother forgave his sister for having been upset.)

Also read Matthew 6:14–15, and talk about the importance of forgiving others if we wish to experience God’s forgiveness for our own sins. 

Look up and read Ephesians 4:26. Talk with the children about how if we are angry and hold grudges, we can make ourselves very unhappy and undermine the possibility of being a friend with the person we are angry with.

ReadBe Kind” and ask the children if they have ever been misunderstood and accused of something they hadn’t done, and the importance of forgiving the other for the accusation. Even if Travis hadn’t apologized, explain to the children how it still was important for Dylan to forgive Travis.

WatchThe Parable of the Unmerciful Servant.” Also read the original parable as Jesus told it in Matthew 18:21–35.

ReadTiny Bible Treasures: Zacchaeus Meets Jesus.”

Review the examples of apologizing in the above articles: “The Lord’s Prayer” (page 6), “Be Kind” (page 4), and “Tiny Bible Treasures: Zacchaeus Meets Jesus” (pages 9–11).

Memorize a verse from “Crazily Cool Card Set: Forgiveness” with the children. Print the cards out so the children can color them and add them to their set of Crazily Cool Cards.

Pray the prayers found in “Pray a Way: Forgiveness.” If one of the children is hurting over something another has done to him or her, the prayers could possibly be adapted to the situation. The first prayer could be adapted by putting a name in place of “others.” The second prayer could be adapted by putting a name in place of “another.”

The children also might enjoy the accompanying coloring page.

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