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Level 1 Lesson Plan: Building Toward the Future
Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 20-minute lesson plan on the following lesson objectives: “Learn of the importance of investing in one’s education, and identify with Biblical, historical, and present-day characters who were/are successful, due to investing in their education,” and “Learn to try new things that one doesn’t yet feel capable of doing.” (Character Building: Personal Responsibility: Learning and Study Skills-1b,d)


ReadMake the Most of School” and “Study Diligently.” Talk with the children about how the education you received at their age is helping you today, just like the education Jesus received helped Him.

Discuss how some of the great men and women of history used their education.

Fanny Crosby’s excellent English language skills are displayed in her poetry.

David Livingstone studied hard to be a doctor and missionary. During his missionary travels, he also used other skills gained from his schooling, such as a knowledge of geography.

Ask them if there is a historical figure they’ve learned about at school whom they admire, and then talk about what part his or her education played in what that person accomplished.

ReadYou Can Do It” and talk with the children about a skill they want to learn or improve in. If there’s a skill you would like to learn or improve in, talk about that and your plans for how you will be going about it.

Pray the first prayer from “Pray a Way: School Time.” If the children haven’t already done so, they might enjoy coloring their own copy of these illustrated prayers, “Coloring Page: Pray a Way: School Time.”

ReadTurning Mistakes into Something Good” to encourage the children that even when they make mistakes with their studies, they can learn from these mistakes and therefore shouldn’t give up.

Study Matthew 25:14–30 and then do the activities found in “Bible Space Trek: The Parable of the Talents” and “Talents and Skills.” (The answer keys can be found here and here.)

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