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Level 1 Lesson Plan: A Heavenly Vision
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 30- to 40-minute lesson plan that highlights the lesson objective: “Understand that Jesus has prepared a place in heaven for all those who believe in Him.” (Christian Life and Faith: Spiritual Insight and Awareness: Heaven-1b)


Sing along with the songHeaven.”

Read page 3 of “John 3:16 Is for You.”

ReadImagine Your Heavenly Home” and if the children want, they can color their favorite picture(s) in “Coloring Pages: Imagine Your Heavenly Home.” Alternatively, they could draw a picture of what they’d like as a heavenly home, or write a poem or tell a story about an imaginary experience of living in a special place in heaven.

Listen toA Heavenly Land.”

After reading Matthew 13:44–46 do the activities in “Bible Space Trek: The Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven.” Also read Matthew 18:3–4 and 19:14 for more about the kingdom of heaven.

Answer the quiz questions on page 2 of “A Place in Heaven.” Then talk about what kind of treasures they can store in heaven and the benefits of doing so, versus storing treasures on earth.

ReadThe Prince and the Magical Power.” What are some of the descriptions of heaven found in this story? (Possible answers: Seeing and being with Jesus; friends from earth who have also received Jesus will be with us in heaven, too; in heaven there is happiness and peace; in heaven no one lacks for anything; we can live in heaven for eternity.)

Listen to “Tree House.”

Listen toMagnificent Park” and enjoy an adventure in heaven.

Additional song and activity:

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