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Level 1 Lesson Plan: A Heavenly Home
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 20- to 30-minute lesson plan that highlights the learning objective: “Understand that Jesus has prepared a place in heaven for all those who believe in Him.” (Christian Life and Faith: Spiritual Insight and Awareness: Heaven-1b)

ReadEdith’s Treasure.”

Describe what Edith did, which was rewarded in heaven.

Talk with the children about why Edith did the things she did for others. Bring out that she loved Jesus and wanted to be a blessing to Him and others.

Ask the children how they think doing these deeds made Edith feel, and how they feel when they do kind deeds for others. Talk about how when we do things for others, it helps us enjoy the inspiration of heaven in our lives here and now.

ReadImagine Your Heavenly Home.” The children might enjoy drawing a picture of what they imagine for their heavenly home, or color one of these pictures.

Listen to “Magnificent Park.”

If you have other suggestions of supplemental material, or additional activities in teaching this topic, please share your ideas and tips by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Compiled by My Wonder Studio staff.
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