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0–5 Lesson Plan: When We Don’t Know What to Do…
Monday, May 5, 2014

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 30-minute 0–5 lesson plan on turning to Jesus when we’re faced with a problem or difficulty, or when we don’t know what to do.

WatchJesus’ Little Lambs.” Highlight how we are like Jesus’ little lambs, and that He will always take care of us.

ReadSomeone to Talk to.”

ReadTalk to Me.”

ReadInvisible but Here."

Tell your children (if applicable) of a time in your life when you turned to Jesus, and He gave you the comfort or answers that you were in need of.

ReadBright Pebbles: Looking After Us” and do the activity on page 5.

ReadMy Little Thoughts on God: The Lord Is Our Strength.” Print out one of the pages to color.

WatchForever Friend.”

End with a prayer. Encourage your children to talk to Jesus as they would to their mommy or daddy. They can pray silently, if they are more comfortable doing so.

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