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0-5 Lesson Plan: When I Show Kindness
Monday, March 8, 2021

Note to parent or teacher: “When I Show Kindness” is a 30-minute lesson plan on the topic of kindness—why kindness is important, what good comes from kindness, and ways to show kindness.

ReadBe Kind and Compassionate.”

Ask the children if kindness is better if it is a big and seemingly important show of caring. Or do little acts of kindness matter just as much? For example, is there more value in running a race for charity or letting someone go in front of you in a line? Although running a race for charity is a bigger effort and more obvious, letting someone precede you in a line is still a noteworthy act of kindness. Both help someone and both are important.

WatchThe Power of a Smile.”

Talk about how even though a smile is a small gesture of kindness, it can still make a difference to someone. When you smile at others, your smile is actually telling people several things, such as:

1)     Your smile shows your joy.

2)     A smile acknowledges others—you can’t ignore someone when you smile at him or her.

3)     When you smile at someone, it shows that you care enough to stop what you are doing to share your joy.

ReadA Little Ray of Sunshine.”

Ask the children to think of some ways that Lucy showed kindness to others in the story. (For example, she helped her mother, she cheered up Mrs. Molly with her kind words, she complimented Mr. Jack on his store, etc.) Then ask the children what are some ways that they can show others kindness throughout their day.

ReadSay It with an Action.” (You can also print this out and have the children memorize the poem as a reminder of ways they can show kindness.)

Discuss some of the benefits of kindness. For example, kindness builds better friendships, it is a way to reflect Jesus’ love to others, being kind brings you and others happiness, etc.

Listen toAudio: Sunny Sunbeam.”

ColorColoring Page: A Little Ray of Sunshine.”

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