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0-5 Lesson Plan: Spend Time with Jesus, Part 2
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

“Spend Time with Jesus, Part 2” is a 20-minute 0–5 lesson plan that focuses on the benefits of spending time with Jesus each day through reading God’s Word, talking with Jesus, and praising Him.

ReadTime Spent with Jesus.”

WatchForever Friend.”

ReadTalk to Me.

Go around in a circle with each person telling or asking Jesus something. For example, one person might say,” Thank You, Jesus, for this new day”; someone else might say, “Jesus, I need Your help on my project today,” etc. Let everyone have a turn talking to Jesus; you can go around more than once too.

ReadThrough Every Day: My Very Best Friend.” 

Consider some of the times throughout your day that you could spend talking with or thinking about Jesus. Talk about how Jesus wants to be a part of our day—in the fun times, the sad times, the difficult times, the happy times. Explain that we make Jesus a part of our activities when we reflect on Him during our day, talk to Him, and praise Him.

ReadMe and Jesus.”

Memorize the verse “Depend on the Lord and his strength. Always go to him for help” (1 Chronicles 16:11 ICB). (Other translations can be found here.)

Color one of the following coloring pages “Coloring Page: Through Every Day: My Very Best Friend” or

Coloring Pages: Me and Jesus.”

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