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0-5 Lesson Plan: Solving Conflicts the Right Way
Monday, February 14, 2022

Note to parent or teacher: “Solving Conflicts the Right Way is a 30- to 40-minute lesson plan focused on how to work through conflicts and problems, learning to communicate despite differences, and why resolving conflicts is important to friendships.

(Note: You may want to make the “Conflict Resolution Cube” in advance of the class so that it’s ready to use for the activity.)

ReadProverbs for Kids: Resolving Conflicts.”

Talk about why it’s important to work on resolving conflicts. Ask the children what it would be like if every conflict ended with shouting, screaming, and angry words. Do they think things would work out on their own, or would it just be an unpleasant and unhappy experience? Would it be easy to make and keep friends if you couldn’t work things out together?

ReadWhen Friends Disagree.”

Discuss what the word “compromise” means (i.e.: “a settlement of a disagreement in which each side gives up something, or the result of such a settlement” (Kids Wordsmyth). Then talk about why it’s important to learn to compromise so that you can solve problems together.

ReadMake Things Right.”

WatchDr. Suess: The Zax.”

Talk about how foolish it was of the two Zax to be so stubborn about having their way. The solution to their problem was simple, but they chose to fight about it instead. Explain how sometimes it’s not convenient or your first choice to have to compromise with your friend or sibling to find a solution, but the alternative can hurt a friendship, make you both unhappy, and ruin your plans completely.

ReadSolving Problems.”

WatchConflict Resolution.”

Talk about the T-L-C solution described in the video clip:

1) Tune in.

2) Listen.

3) Choose a solution.

Explain that when you tune in to how you are feeling about the conflict or the problem, you can better understand why you might be disagreeing with the other person. It’s important to listen to what the other person is thinking or feeling too, so that you can understand why it’s a problem for him or her. Then work together to choose a solution—something that you both can agree on, even if it means compromising a little bit of what you really want but is a way you can both be happy.

Play a game using this “Conflict Resolution Cube.” (Note: Make the cube in advance so it’s ready to use for this activity.) Sit in a circle and have one child start by making up a problem that needs to be resolved. For example, the first child might say, “My sister and I can’t decide on what game to play.” Then that child rolls the cube to see what solution option comes up. If the cube lands on “Make a deal,” have the children discuss how that could be done to work out the problem. (For example, the kids may decide to play one game for 20–30 minutes and then switch to another game.) Continue going around the circle until all the children have had a turn describing a conflict and working together to find a solution. (If you have limited time, try to come up with and solve at least two or three conflicts together.)

Listen toI Get Along with My Brother” while you color either “Coloring Page: Resolving Conflict” or “Coloring Page: In Harmony.”

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