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0-5 Lesson Plan: Joy in Learning
Monday, January 10, 2022

Note to parent or teacher: “Joy in Learning” is a 30-minute lesson plan on the topic of finding joy in learning, specifically how learning is a part of growing up and of life, and that learning to work through the challenges and the time and effort needed for learning something new is worth it in the end.

ReadLearn Something New.”

Ask the children about some of the things that they have already learned as part of growing up (e.g., learning to talk, how to color, how to ride a bike, how to play a game, etc.), then discuss some of the things that they still want to or need to learn to do. Talk about how learning is a part of life—it’s a way to discover new interests and build new skills. Learning can also be a lot of fun!

ReadEach and Every Day.”

Act out the poem on the last page of “Each and Every Day.” Create a couple obstacles or barriers with chairs or cushions. Then as you read each line of the poem, have the children pretend to be looking for a way through or around whatever the obstacle or difficulty. Then talk about how some difficulties take a little time to get through, but with time and effort you can learn something new or work through a challenge.

Talk about a recent challenge the children have faced and how the principles of this poem played out in that experience.

Listen to “Practice Makes Perfect.”

ReadThe Joy of Learning.”

Memorize Philippians 4:13.

ColorCharacter ABC: You Can Do It!” (You can relisten to the song “Practice Makes Perfect” while the kids are coloring this picture. Write the memory verse, Philippians 4:13” on the blackboard in the coloring page.)

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