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0-5 Lesson Plan: Give a Hand—Volunteer 
Monday, May 2, 2016

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 20- to 30-minute 0–5 lesson plan on what it means to volunteer and help change the world.

Read Character ABC: V Is for Volunteering.”

Read Bright Pebbles: Drop a Little Sunshine.”

Discuss what it means to volunteer. Do you have to be involved in a big project? Or are there simple but important ways that you can make a difference?

WatchHow to Change the World.”

Talk about ways that you could help to change the world in your local community or school. Make a list of two things you could do, and talk about when you can get started.

Read Love Your Neighbor.”

WatchKids Can Make a Difference” to see how some children have chosen to help those in need.

Color Character ABC: V Is for Volunteering.”

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