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0-5 Lesson Plan: Even Though I'm Small, Part 2
Monday, February 1, 2021

Here is a 30-minute 0–5 lesson plan that focuses on how God can use anyone, even if you feel small and unskilled. Don’t limit what God can do through you. (Don’t miss out on “Even Though I’m Small, Part 1.”)

Read With God’s Help, Part 2.”

Ask the children to think about a time when they were able to do one of the things listed in this article (“I can give to others,” “I can study God’s Word,” etc.). Talk about how even these everyday things may not seem that important, but they are ways to draw closer to Jesus, help others, be a good example of God’s love and kindness to others, etc.

ReadYou May Be Small, but You Matter.”

Listen to “Be the Best.”

Discuss some of the things that are described in this song, and how even though something seems less grand, it still has a needed role. For example, while the captain of a ship is important, the crew is necessary to keep the ship running and maintained. Stairs make it easier to go up and down a steep place, but a railing helps to make climbing up and down the stairs safer.

Read Bright Pebbles: With Jesus’ Help.”

Memorize the rhyme at the end of “With Jesus’ Help”:

When a job is too hard for me,

And I don’t know what to do,

With Jesus’ help I can do all things—

Oh, this I know is true!

Color one or more of the pages from “Coloring Book: With God’s Help, Part 2.”

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