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0-5 Lesson Plan: Building Healthy Habits
Monday, June 13, 2022

Note to parent or teacher: “Building Healthy Habits” is a 40-minute lesson plan on the benefits of caring for your body with a focus on healthy eating habits, exercise, and personal hygiene. Additional material is included to expand on this class if you would like to give extra focus to helping your children build healthier habits.

ReadBuilding Good Habits.”

ReadCare for Your Body the Right Way.”

Ask the children why it may be hard to build good habits (e.g., It takes time and effort, sometimes it’s not always what you want to do or your preferred activity choice, you may not feel like it at the time, etc.). Then discuss some of the ways you could work together to build healthy habits, such as by making them a part of your daily routine, exercising together, etc. Talk about how once you get past the difficult part of establishing those habits, they can actually be enjoyable because you have a routine and you feel the benefits.

WatchHealthy Habits.”

Talk about some of the ways to live a healthy life that you saw in the video—eating right, vigorous exercise, good sleep, positive thoughts, etc. Explain how all these healthy habits work together to help our bodies and minds get the care and nourishment that they need.

ReadExercise for Good Health.”

Discuss some of the ways the kids in this article exercise (e.g., sports, walking a dog, swimming, playing in the park or garden, etc.). Explain that apart from getting your body moving, taking time outdoors is also important because your body needs the fresh air and sunshine to stay healthy too.

ReadWhy Keep Clean” and “Look Your Best.”

WatchWhy Do We Brush Our Teeth.”

Explain to the children how a lot of healthy habits work together to keep your body strong and fit; for example, eating healthy food is good for your teeth too, vigorous exercise in the outdoors can give you better sleep, etc. When your body is well taken care of, it helps your mind to be healthier too.

DoActivity: Care for Your Body the Right Way.”

WatchHappy and Healthy” (time stamp 1:42–4:22). (If you have additional time, you can watch the video in full, or save it for another time and include some of the additional material below to create another devotional. The video is 25 minutes long.)

Optional activity:

If your children are struggling to establish good habits in a particular area, consider making a chart that can be used for an extended period of time. Most habits take consistent effort for at least 4–6 weeks before they are well established, so be prepared to continue it for a period of time. Have an incentive or reward that the kids receive each week once they have met their goals. Below are some sample charts you could use depending on what area you’re focusing on:

Additional material:

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