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0-5 Lesson Plan: A Beautiful and Wonderful World
Monday, July 19, 2021

Note to parent or teacher: “A Beautiful and Wonderful World” is a 30-minute lesson plan on creation and the beautiful world that God has given to us to care for and enjoy.


Take turns saying something you like about God’s creation and nature. Talk about how your appreciation and gratitude for the world around you is a way that you can praise and thank God.

Read Through Every Day: A Part of God’s Creation.”

Memorize John 1:3.

ReadA Big, Wide, and Wonderful World.”

Talk about some of the ways that you can take care of the world. For example, you can be mindful to not litter and to pick up trash after yourself, you can volunteer to help clean up local parks or recreational areas, you can grow a vegetable or flower garden, you can avoid being wasteful, you can learn more about plants and animals, etc. Discuss together how each of these little ways of caring for and appreciating nature can be a way of taking care of our world.

Watch It’s a Beautiful World.”

Read I Made It All for You.”

Print out and color This Is My Father’s World,” or you can also use one of these coloring pages if you prefer: “Coloring Page: Through Every Day: A Part of God’s Creation” or “Father, We Thank Thee.”

Listen to “Beautiful, Wonderful World.” (You can listen to this song while the kids color one of the pictures.)

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