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Heroes of the Bible: Queen Esther
Friday, April 29, 2022

Name means: “Star”

AKA: “Hadassah”

Startling facts: The survival of an entire nation rested on the shoulders of a young woman of humble origins, who was made queen of a foreign nation due to extraordinary circumstances. Later, when she learned of a political plot to destroy her people, her cousin Mordecai encouraged her, saying, “And who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this?”1 Read the full story in the book of Esther in your Bible.

Did you know? Purim is a festival to celebrate the deliverance of the Jewish people from the attempted genocide that Queen Esther thwarted; it is observed to this day.

Coolest trait: Esther decided to act on what she knew to be right in the face of great danger. When relaying to Mordecai the steps she would take to petition the king to save her nation, she knew there was a chance that the king would not listen. "If I perish, I perish"2 were the words Esther used to describe her commitment to do whatever she could to save her people.

You can too: Do what is right, no matter the cost, and develop the habits of wisdom and courage that God may someday use in great ways.

1 Esther 4:14 NIV
2 Esther 4:16 NIV

Authored by R. A. Watterson. Illustrated by Mike Krome. Designed by Roy Evans.
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