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Heroes of the Bible: Caleb
Friday, October 8, 2021

Name means: "like the heart"

Startling facts: One of only two adult Israelites who were allowed to survive the 40-year trek through the desert and enter Canaan. (The other adult was Joshua.) Why? Caleb and Joshua had been sent, along with ten other men, to spy on the land God had promised to the Israelites. Ten of the twelve spies saw only the fearsome giants in the land and not the blessings, and they doubted that the Israelites would be strong enough to claim the land. Caleb and Joshua saw a land overflowing with milk and honey, and God blessed their faith in His promises (Numbers 13:16–33; 14:1–24).

Did you know? At 85 years old, Caleb was still a firebrand and ready to claim the land God had promised. He told his buddy Joshua, who was then leader of Israel after Moses’ passing, “I am as strong today as I was when Moses sent me to spy on Canaan. I have as much strength to fight now as I did then.”1

Coolest trait: Caleb was called “my servant” by God, in Numbers 14:24. That’s a pretty big deal, seeing that that term had previously only been used for Abraham and Moses.

You can too: Believe in God’s promises to care for you.

1 See Joshua 14:11.

Authored by R. A. Watterson. Illustrated by Mike Krome. Designed by Roy Evans.
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