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Run with Torches
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The time came that God sent His Son, Jesus, to live with His children on earth and teach them all about God and help them to be kind and good. Jesus loved His Father very much. It wasn’t easy for Jesus to leave His wonderful home in heaven and come to earth. But everyone needed Jesus so much.

God chose a sweet young woman named Mary to be Jesus’ mommy on earth and to take care of Him until He was old enough to do God’s work. A good man named Joseph became Mary’s husband and took care of her and Jesus.

God had told a lot of people that He was sending Jesus to help them, but no one guessed that someone as important as God’s Son, Jesus, would be born in a stable.


Run with torches to light the dim stable.
Run with torches, good villagers, run.
Christ is born, O come and adore Him.
Mary calls you, kneel before Him.

Come, come, come and behold the Child.
Come, come, come and see Christ, the Lord.

Tell the others to hurry to greet Him.
Tell the others to come to His side.
One and all as you come and adore Him,
Quietly, quietly kneel before Him.

[Repeat Chorus]

Come on, everybody!

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Come and behold the Child.
Come, come, come and see Christ the Lord.
Come and see Christ the Lord!

Taken from the album Great Adventures 2. Music and lyrics: Traditional carol. Vocals by Angelique Greene. Produced by Allan Pratt.
Copyright © 1996 by Aurora Production AG. Used by permission.
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