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Red Sea
Thursday, September 1, 2022

Moses, Jochebed’s son, grew up in the palace of the king of Egypt. Even though he was a prince of Egypt, he still loved his own people of Israel whom the king had made slaves. Moses wanted to free them. God wanted to free them too so that they could go and live in the land that He had promised Abraham that He would give them.

So God told Moses to be brave and tell the king to let the people go. The king would not obey. So God let all kinds of bad things happen to him and his people to make him change his mind. When the king finally gave the people of Israel permission to leave, Moses led all of them—there were millions of them—out of Egypt. The king thought that the people would have to stop at the Red Sea, and then the king’s army would be able to bring them back to be his slaves again.


How do you think Moses got across the Red Sea?
Are you good at guessing, or do you know already?
Well, did he ride in a boat? (Oh, no, no, no!)
Or maybe he tried to swim? (Whoa, no, no, no!)
Or did he fly like a bird? (Oh, no!)
Maybe running and jumping? (Uh-uh. No way!)
Did he ride on a whale? (Well, no, no, no!)
Oh, won’t you tell me please!
How did he cross the Red Sea? (How did he cross that Red Sea?)

God parted the sea to set His children free.
He made a path right through so that the Hebrews could flee
Across the Red Sea. Yeah.

[Repeat Chorus]

The Hebrews could flee across the Red Sea.
He set His children, His children free.
Across the Red Sea.
He set His children, His children free.
He set them free.

Taken from the album Great Adventures 1. Music and lyrics by Peter Gehr. Vocal by John Listen. Produced by John Listen and Peter Gehr.
Copyright © 1996 by Aurora Production AG. Used by permission.
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