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Nativity Paper Ornaments
Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Materials needed:

White cardstock or heavier paper (160 g. recommended)

Colorful string or ribbon of your choice (approximately 20 cm per ornament)

Optional: double-side tape

Assembly instructions:
First cut out each ornament and score the fold lines to make crisp straight folds.

Glue the long tab in place first to form the box, then the bottom part. Afterward, glue the top of the long, slanted part together, then the two smaller sides to close the top of the box.

In the top tab, make a hole with a hole puncher. Attach a ribbon or string to form a loop to use for hanging your decoration.

Glue the long tab first, followed by the bottom part.
Glue together the top of these two tabs.
Cut a hole and pass the string or ribbon through to form a loop.

Blank ornaments:
Blank ornaments are included for designing your own Christmas ornaments. Ideas for using these include:

Illustrated and designed by Didier Martin
Featured on My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 by Didier Martin. Used by permission.
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