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Lessons from Jesus: God Is Spirit
Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Based on John 4:4–42.

While passing through Samaria on the way to Galilee, Jesus and His disciples came to Jacob’s well. Tired from the trip, Jesus sat down by the well while the disciples went to the nearby town to buy food.

A woman came to draw water, and Jesus asked her for a drink. After talking with Jesus for a time, the woman said, “My Samaritan ancestors worshipped God on this mountain, but you Jews say that Jerusalem is the place where we should worship God.”

Jesus answered, “The time is coming, and it is already here, when the true believers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, offering Him the true honor and love that He deserves. God is spirit, and those who love Him must manifest their love for Him in spirit and in truth.”

You can also read about worshipping God in Acts 7:48–50 and 17:24–25.

Authored, illustrated, and designed by Didier Martin.
Copyright © 2022 by Didier Martin. Used by Permission.
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