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Jesus Gives a Special Message
Wednesday, September 8, 2021

During His youth, Jesus was taught from the Holy Scriptures. He learned about God’s laws, the history of God’s people, and understanding people’s relationship with God as expressed in the Scriptures. The Bible tells of one occasion when, as an adult, Jesus stood up in the synagogue and read from the Scriptures to those who were present.

And what did He read? He read Isaiah 61:1–2. This passage held a special meaning, too, in that it was Jesus proclaiming God’s Spirit was upon Him to begin His mission on earth—to teach us about God and bringing us salvation.

Read this story in Luke 4:16–19, and also read Isaiah 61:1–2. Then see if you can answer these questions:

  1. In what town was the synagogue where Jesus read from the Scriptures?
  2. A “synagogue” is:
    1. a restaurant
    2. a place of worship for those of the Jewish religion
    3. a nursery for babies and toddlers
  3. The Jewish Sabbath starts the evening before and then continues through which day of the week?
    1. Sunday
    2. Tuesday
    3. Saturday
  4. In Luke 4:18 it says, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.” In this case, who was “me” referring to?
    1. Abraham
    2. Jesus
    3. the people in the synagogue
  5. True or False: “To preach the Gospel to the poor” means preaching God’s message only to people who have very little money.
  6. Someone who is “brokenhearted” is someone extremely _____. (Hint: A three-letter word.)
  7. In Isaiah 61:1 “captives” refers to:
    1. people who are caught in sin
    2. people in jail
    3. animals in a zoo
  8. True or False: “To set at liberty them that are bruised” means to liberate people whose spirits are hurt with sin. (See Luke 4:18.)
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Contributed by Evan Kallen. Illustrated by Alvi. Designed by Roy Evans.
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