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God Speaks through His Word
Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Samuel was taught as a boy to listen to God’s voice. The first time Samuel heard God’s voice, he was in bed when he heard someone calling him. He thought it was Eli, the priest who was training him in the service of the temple of God. But Eli said he wasn’t the one who had called him. When Samuel heard the voice again and ran to see if Eli had called him, Eli told Samuel that God was calling to him because He had something important to tell him.1 Eli told Samuel to stop and listen to what God had to say. God spoke to Samuel many times throughout his life.

You too can listen to God’s voice. When you are reading the Bible, it’s a good time to do like young Samuel did and ask God to speak to you. You probably won’t hear God’s voice audibly like Samuel did, but God will speak to your heart by guiding you in your understanding and applying what you read.

Jesus told us that He’s our good shepherd and that He will go ahead of us, His sheep, and lead us in the best way to live our lives.2 By listening to His voice and the guidance we receive through God's Word, we are able to follow as Jesus leads.

When you are reading God’s Word, listen to Jesus as He speaks to you about how to apply what you read to your life. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the light that shows us how to live,3 and an important way He shines that light on the path of your life is by speaking to you as you read and study the Bible.

Here’s an example of a prayer to pray: Jesus, please speak to me about this Bible story that I am going to read and let me know if there’s something about this that I can apply in my life. Thank You for being such a caring Shepherd who guides me!

Also read:
1 1 Samuel 3:2–10
2 John 10:4 or “Follow Jesus Today
3 John 1:4
Authored by Evan Kallen. Illustrated by Didier Martin. Colored by Didier Martin and Roy Evans. Designed by Roy Evans.
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