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Gideon and the Fleece
Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Based on Judges 6:36–40.

The Midianites had been attacking the Israelites, making life very difficult for them, when God asked Gideon to help save the people of Israel from the Midianites. Gideon wasn’t sure he was hearing the voice of God correctly. The following is the story of Gideon using a fleece of wool to help him be confident of what God was telling him.

Gideon: If it’s true, Lord God, that You will work through me to save Israel from the Midianites, I’m asking You to give me a sign. I have this fleece of wool that I’ll put on the ground.

Gideon: I’ll leave it overnight and check it in the morning. If in the morning there is only dew on the fleece and the ground around it is dry, then I’ll know that You will save Israel through me.

And that’s exactly what happened. When Gideon checked the fleece early the next morning, he picked it up and squeezed the fleece, wringing a bowlful of water out of it.

But Gideon still wanted to be sure. So he said to God—

Gideon: Don’t get upset at me. I’d like to test this one more time with the fleece of wool. Again I’ll put it on the ground and check it in the morning. However, if this time I find the fleece dry and the ground around it wet with dew, then I’ll know I’m hearing from You correctly that You will work through me to deliver Israel from the Midianites.

The next morning, only the fleece of wool was dry, but the ground around the fleece was wet with dew.

Gideon: The fleece is dry—a confirmation of God’s will!

The marvelous conclusion can be found on the last page of “A Bible Adventure: A Pitcher, a Torch, and the Sword of the Lord.”
Based on the writings of TFI. Illustrated by Zeb. Colored and designed by Roy Evans.
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